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andrea_penz_aboutShort artist statement:
I always find my inspiration in people who love what they are doing. So you can find dancers who love their moves, friends having fun, a woman who is searching for her way, another one who is very tired, somebody whose job is more than a job. And whenevr I have this kind of associations with something or somebody I´m watching I have to draw or to paint it and make something special out of it. I want to find out the movements inside a person, which their body shows us. It makes me happy to go into the painting with these people. Sometimes though, to calm down and get silent I paint landscapes but above all I am interested in the people who surround me. In my drawing the nude is very important and I spent many years to study and learn it. Mostly I work with fotomaterial or with models and dancers. Colors are strong in my paitings but I also like drawings in black and white. If you also have any special association or connection with my paitings I will be very happy.


2006 -2010
Prof. Dietmar Brehm, Art University, Linz
Xenia Hausner, Academie of Fine Arts, Traunkirchen
Christian, Ludwig Attersee, Academie of Fine Arts, Traunkirchen
Jürgen Messensee, Academie of Fine Arts, Traunkirchen
Zhou Brothers, Academie of Fine Arts, Traunkirchen
Ákos Birkás, Academie of Fine Arts, Traunkirchen
2013 - 2014
Mag. Anneliese Oberdanner, Art University, Linz


2009    Galerie Atrium, Bad Schallerbach
2010    Galerie warum.kunst.raum, Wels
2012    Galerie der Stadt Vöcklabruck (Lebzelterhaus)
2013    Galerie warum.kunst.raum, Wels
2013    Wandergalerie Lichtschein
2014    Galerie Graffiti, Vöcklabruck
2014    Stadtturmgalerie, Schwanenstadt
2015    Kunst trifft Handwerk, Vöcklabruck
2016    Exhibition with bsa:art, Linz and other exhibitions in Austria 2015 Member of bsa:art Upper Austria




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